Zantac Recall – Picking Up the slack Where Septra And Acetaminophen Are Concerned

The Zantac Recall affects approximately 15 million Americans that take the fixed dose of Zantac, a drug used in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Zantac is marketed under the names Serevent, Accupril, Zantac, Mylanta, Leestrol and Motrin. It is an ulcer drug that has been on the market since 1981. According to a report from Wired, Sandoz was the first company to issue a recall for this brand ranitidine on September 24,2019. The safety warning which accompanied the recall was issued because it contained hydrocodone, a controlled substance.

An FDA spokesman tells the publication, the agency “issued a Zantac product recall after it was found that some individuals were inappropriately using the medication ranitidine for acute and chronic heartburn or gastric acid reflux disease.” The majority of Zantac patients are advised to contact their primary care physicians before taking this medication. This recall involves an acetaminophen variant of Zantac, Meveden. The majority of the Zantac products that have been recalled include both the low dose and the extended-release forms of ranitidine. The medical device manufacturer is working with health care providers to monitor the health of their patients, while the company resolves these issues.

The FDA also released this statement regarding the market withdrawal of Zantac products: “This action is being taken to assist with the removal of manufactured drugs that were contaminated with acetaminophen. The contaminated product was marketed under several brand names. These included,” says the FDA. “The product was recalled due to reports of death from liver problems, acetaminophen toxicity, and overdosing on this drug that resulted in severe liver failure and pulmonary complications including pneumonia and severe fluid buildup in the lungs.”

The company is continuing to monitor all of its products including its non-prescription and prescription dosing products. It is also instructing patients to contact their primary care physician or health care provider if they notice a problem. This is standard protocol for any pharmaceutical product that has been recalled. For more information regarding this recall and the full list of product lots affected by this recall please visit the FDA web site.

The manufacturer of Zantac has issued a voluntary recall of all of its products including the amneal pharmaceuticals etc and Zantac XR products. Zantac XR and Ameneal Pharmaceuticals LLC are both individually manufactured by Zantac, a trademark of Teva, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. The recall pertains to a small number of unbranded lots that contained the wrong ingredients. This mistake meant that some patients may experience an overdose of the product when they use it to treat their condition. The products were sold as over the counter medications and were supposed to be prescribed by a doctor, but instead of containing the ingredients that are listed on the packaging, these products contained acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, and other medicines. Get to know more at

Zantac has also issued a voluntary recall on all of its lots of and Acetaminophen capsules due to the risks of taking these pills. These lots included brands like Actonel, Aciphexane, Cellex-C, Envirolets, Imanol, Motrin, Phenaphen, Prozac, Roentgen, Silica, and Viagra. Anyone who uses these pills should contact their primary care doctor immediately and ask for advice on whether they should use the product to treat their condition or not. No one including customers should ever become ill due to these products. Click this page to learn more now.

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