Zantac Lawsuit – A Look at the Zantac Lawsuit Process

A Zantac Lawsuit is an individual legal claim for monetary compensation by personal plaintiffs who have been diagnosed with on-line cancer and took the popular heartburn drug, Zantac. Zantac (as well as the generic form ranitidine) was found to carry the element benzene which is considered as one of the most harmful carcinogens in drinking water. The carcinogen has been known to cause skin cancer, liver disease, nasal sinus infections, and gastrointestinal system disease. The FDA has set a Safe Drinking Water Act that restricts the amount of benzene that can be present in publicly treated water.

The main source of litigation by individuals such as this is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA. While many of these lawsuits are brought by relatives of those who have died from illnesses contracted by the drug, other lawyers are representing the families of those who have either developed or are currently battling cancer caused by Zantac. These cases generally center on wrongful death or medical malpractice, check it out!

Many people who contract such fatal diseases as Lupus, kidney failure, or diabetes may be entitled to compensation under the law. If a cancer lawsuit is brought forth against a company for wrongful death or medical malpractice, the main issue in the case will be whether or not the company was aware of the serious health risks associated with their product. The company has a duty to warn its consumers of the potential dangers of their product. If they did not warn their customers, then they are legally responsible for their actions. The FDA sets the standard for determining whether or not a health product is safe to use and has done so for several years now.

A legal claim can be brought by any person who has sustained an injury as a result of the negligence of the manufacturer or distributor of a certain drug. If someone has developed cancer because of that negligence, they may be able to hold the manufacturer or distributor accountable for their actions. If someone has died as a result of that negligence, the person’s loved ones may be able to receive monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. Both of these types of litigation exist in every state of the US, although the laws surrounding them vary from one state to another.

The best way to avoid having to file a Zantac Lawsuit is to keep the doctor’s office appointments to themselves. This is particularly true of emergency room visits, where individuals are rushed into battle extremely urgent conditions. If there is another option available, however, the individual should ask their doctor about the option before scheduling the care that they require. Emergency room visits happen very quickly in this country and if a person is not seen within a twenty-four hour time period they risk losing that person’s coverage and financial rights. Class-action lawsuits are another avenue to take, but the Zantac Lawsuit states that individuals should not sign on for anything until they have received proper legal advice.

Zantac Lawsuits have been issued against Aetna, AstraZeneca, Allstate, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Caremark, Cellex, Dental Care, Duracell, GlaxoSmithKline, Hefty Liquid, I steered, J.D. Powers and Associates, Kortz, Maxalt, NoAdvisor, Pfizer, Reebok, Sears, Shoe Carnival, Sunbeam and Vitalzym, and their names are still in litigation. An additional defendant named in the complaint is J.D. Powers and Associates, who are being sued for not providing proper warnings about heartburn medications, which can lead to a lawsuit by this same manufacturer. Read more here…

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